What’s The Best Way to Manage Appointments as a Freelancer?

A photo of a freelance writer learning how to manage her meetings and appointments.

Having direct interactions with your clients will help you gain a deeper understanding of their requirements, objectives, and guidelines. Phone and video meetings also cultivate stronger connections, increasing client loyalty and trust. But, no one wants to waste time on meetings — especially if you aren’t getting paid for that time.  Let’s break down what […]

Choosing a Domain Name for Your Freelance Writing Website

A freelance writer showing her new website to her friend on her phone.

Looking to ramp up your digital presence as a freelance writer? There’s really no better way to do it than to register a domain name and build your own website. Of course, that might be easier said than done. While building a stunning website is becoming simpler than ever, choosing a domain name that lives […]

Should You Use a Pen Name as a Freelance Writer?

A photo of a freelance writer trying to come up with a new pen name.

Freelance writing under a pen name is common practice for reasons like privacy, branding, and positioning. Pen names have been used for centuries, but as more people start freelance writing as a side hustle or after a long career in another industry, they have taken on a new air of importance.  Of course, if you […]

Where’s The Best Place to Find Paid Writing Projects?

You’re a talented writer hungry to turn your passion into a fruitful profession, but where do you start? Many of us head straight to content platforms or marketplaces, which can provide steady work, but don’t always offer the highest pay or the greatest amount of control over our schedules. On the flip side, pitching to […]

2023 Freelance Writing Rates

Average Rates for Content Writing in 2023 It’s a nerve-wracking feeling; there’s a project you’re on the cusp of claiming, but you have no idea what a fair rate would be. Quote too high and you could scare them off for good. Quote too low and they might not take you seriously. How do you […]

What Should Your Writer Bio Say?

A freelance writer excited to see her article published in her favorite magazine.

If you’re taking inspiration from the inside flap of your favorite book, your bio probably needs some work! As a freelance writer, your bio is just a short paragraph that accompanies the content you create. Simple, right? Well, it’s easy to end up saying all the wrong things and coming across as totally unprofessional. Before […]

What Skills Do You Need To Be a Freelance Writer?

If you’re thinking about pursuing a career as a freelance writer, there’s no denying that the marketplace is highly competitive. While we never like to say you’re up against other writers since there’s plenty of work to go around, it can certainly be tough to find steady work if you’re new to the field. In […]