Freelance Writing Resume Template

Looking for a freelance writing resume template to showcase your writing experience? Here’s a free one from the Society of Writers!

Our freelance writing resume template is updated for 2023 and has room for:

  • Professional summary
  • Contact information
  • Areas of Interest
  • Recent Bylines
  • Work Experience
  • Achievements

By typing in your information, you’ll instantly have a professional-looking resume that you can send to potential clients or attach to your job applications! Plus, you can easily add a second page to discuss your education, achievements, or projects in greater detail. 

Get The Template → 

You can edit this template using Canva (free) and then you can download it as a PDF to upload to job applications and share with your clients. If you need help using this template or if you’re looking for additional advice on how to make an excellent resume even as a new writer, keep reading. 

How to Use This Template

  1. Open the template in Canva 
  2. Click “Use Template” 
  3. Login or sign up for Canva (it’s free)
  4. Edit the template to your heart’s content
  5. Click “Share” in the top right-hand corner, then “Download”
  6. Select “PDF Standard” or “PDF Print” from the dropdown
  7. Click “Download” and you’re done!

Psst… If you aren’t already using Canva, this template is a great introduction! Canva is an awesome, powerful free tool that can help you build a professional digital presence for yourself as a freelancer.

Common Questions 

Do I need a resume as a freelance writer? 

While a portfolio of writing samples is arguably more important, freelance writers are often asked to provide a resume when applying to longer term contract positions and when working with high-profile clients. 

Some businesses that are new to hiring freelancers may also ask for a resume as part of their standard processes, so don’t be surprised if a potential client asks you for one. 

What can I put in my resume if I have no work experience? 

If you are new to freelance writing, you can still create a resume. Instead of recent work experience, consider listing projects. These projects can be things you worked on yourself, including self-published articles and books. You can also list relevant volunteer experience with anything to do with marketing, communications, or writing. 

You can also put off creating a resume until you’ve worked with a few clients, but there’s usually a way to fill it out even if you have had no paid work experience just yet. 

What can I use if I don’t have any bylines?

A byline is an article that has been published and credited to your name. We have a long list of websites that accept guest post submissions so that you can earn your first byline. We also maintain a weekly list of paid writing opportunities in the community, if you’re interested! 

Alternatively, you can place achievements/features there instead, such as interviews and podcasts that people have done with you. It’s pretty easy to get featured in CareerShifters and GoSolo if you’re willing to fill out a short questionnaire about how you became a freelance writer. 

Should I write my resume in first or third person? 

The “Executive Summary” portion should be written in third person. All descriptions of your work experience, projects, and/or achievements should be written without prepositions (do not use “I” or “We”). Things you’re currently working on should be written in active voice whereas previous experience should be described in passive voice. 

How far back should my resume go? 

Ideally, your resume will only include the most relevant experience from the last 1-3 years. The less experience you have, the further back you may pull from in order to fill everything out. With that said, the second page is optional in our template! Just delete it if you can fill it out or delete the sections you don’t need and use half of a page instead.

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Sydney Chamberlain
Sydney Chamberlain
As Founder of the Society of Writers, Sydney Chamberlain is devoted to helping women navigate the complexities of freelancing and hone the skills they need to build a thriving business. Her expertise is rooted in nine years as a content writer where she earned first-hand experience with the personal branding, finance, and negotiation tactics that she now teaches the Society.