Writing Portfolio Template

Looking for a professional writing portfolio template to showcase your writing samples? Here’s a free one from the Society of Writers!

Our writing portfolio template is updated for 2023 and comes with a:

  • Cover page
  • Table of contents
  • Introductory letter
  • Stunning article layout
  • Closing page 

By typing in or copy/pasting your writing samples, you’ll instantly have a professional-looking portfolio that you can send to potential clients! Plus, the first and last page give you a place to include your social media handles and website. 

Get The Template → 

You can edit this template using Canva (free) and then you can download it as a PDF to share with your clients. If you need help using this template or if you’re looking for additional advice on how to make a stand-out writing portfolio, keep reading. 

How to Use This Template

  1. Open the template in Canva 
  2. Click “Use Template” 
  3. Login or sign up for Canva (it’s free)
  4. Edit the template to your heart’s content
  5. Click “Share” in the top right-hand corner, then “Download”
  6. Select “PDF Standard” or “PDF Print” from the dropdown
  7. Click “Download” and you’re done!

Psst… If you aren’t already using Canva, this template is a great introduction! Canva is an awesome, powerful free tool that can help you build a professional digital presence for yourself as a freelancer.

Common Questions 

Should my writing samples be articles?

Your writing samples should reflect the type of work you plan to do. If you want to take on longer form content like articles and white papers, your portfolio should focus on articles. However, if you are strictly going to specialize in ad copy or social media posts, you should edit the template and include writing samples in that format. 

How many writing samples should I include? 

If you’re using entire articles as samples, you should aim to create 3 to 5 for your portfolio. On the other hand, if your portfolio is focused on social media posts, emails, or ad copy, you should opt for more examples, somewhere between 5 and 15. 

What should my writing samples be about? 

The writing samples in your portfolio should showcase your areas of expertise and give you the opportunity to utilize a couple different writing styles. For instance, you want to write articles for B2C companies, you should include a more conversational sample and a more youthful, humorous sample. 

Even if you’re taking the approach of a “master generalist,” try to narrow in on a couple of key industries where you can really show off your knowledge and comprehension. 

How can I improve my writing samples?

You might find it hard or time-consuming to come up with writing samples, but it is so worth putting in all your effort! Potential clients expect your portfolio to feature your very best work, so take the time to craft samples that are insightful and flawless. 

Spend time brainstorming on topics before you start writing, and then decide what the main point or takeaway will be for each one. From there, work to craft the best sample you can. If you’re writing article samples, aim for at least 500 words. Lastly, when you’re done, proofread your samples multiple times! 

Where should I share my writing portfolio? 

Once your writing sample is complete, you can use it in a few different ways:

  • Add it to the “Featured” section of your LinkedIn profile 
  • Use it to apply to writing platforms like Scripted
  • Share it via email with interested leads 
  • Attach it to your proposals on Upwork 

If you want, you can also add your portfolio to your website. However, here at the Society of Writers, we highly recommend that your website has a blog (which acts as a live portfolio) in addition to a collection of links that direct people to all of your published work out in the wild. 

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Sydney Chamberlain
Sydney Chamberlain
As Founder of the Society of Writers, Sydney Chamberlain is devoted to helping women navigate the complexities of freelancing and hone the skills they need to build a thriving business. Her expertise is rooted in nine years as a content writer where she earned first-hand experience with the personal branding, finance, and negotiation tactics that she now teaches the Society.